Chestermere is a Classic, and loves Classic Cars!

Chestermere Lake has a long history as a location where folks from Calgary and surrounding areas gathered to enjoy good fun, good company, and recreational activities dating back to the early 1900's. As a destination featuring the closest puddle of water to Calgary large enough to operated a powerboat on, the history of recreation in the area has always travel from somewhere else.  The first horseless carriage trips to "The Lake" were soon followed by boating adventures and all manner of motorized toys being tested, tried, and enjoyed on and around the lake.  To this day, there is fun both on and around the lake and an appreciation for the local history that featured so many memories of summer trips in what were the "modern" modes of transportation back in the day.  Those formerly "modern" modes of transporation are now considered "classics" and the Chestermere Show and Shine events bring back so many memories of history as well as making new memories for kids of all ages that appreciate shiny paint, chrome, and horsepower.  

Thanks to dedicated organizers and volunteers over the years, Chestermere has had many Show and Shine Events dating back to at least 2001.  Starting with just a few cars and growing in popularity along with the Chestermere Water Festival, the Chestermere Show and Shine grew to over 400 vehicles at the 2013 and 2014 events.  After moving to it's own date separate from the Water Festival and taking a one year hiatus in 2015, the Show and Shine returned in 2016 promising to return as an annual event again moving forward.  This year's event takes place on August 25, 2018.

Click here for some history about the Chestermere Show and Shine events:  From The Rockyview Weekly, April 2011.

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2006 Show and Shine at Chestermere Recreation Centre